Hofmann Retreat Facility

We will begin offering our lovely place for rent sometime during the summer of 2017. Once we are ready there will be a link on this site to a site dedicated to rentals. Until then please keep us in mind. Our place is perfect for quiet pursuits. One might make a retreat, study, or write. A painter might use it as a base from which to roam the lovely landscapes of the area in search of something to paint. Smaller families would find it a beautiful place for reunions. There is very little traffic, most of which is farming related. We are fond of saying a passing car is an "event." Most everyone waves. We will be renting to individuals, couples or small groups by the day, weekend or week. During the winter months an individual or couple could stay for several months. If you can't wait for the web site and need more specific information right away please feel free to use the contact page, and we'll be happy to speak with you.


Larry and Jan Hofmann